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Recreational Classes

Golden City Gymnastics has a class that will be just right for your athlete! Whether they are just starting out or already have a few years of experience, we will find the perfect class for them. Feel free to look through the different classes that we offer to find what's right for you. Please call our front office for class availability! 

  • GymQuest is our pre-school aged program for Kids ages 18 months-5 years.


  • The B.R.I.D.G.E. program is for girls ages 6-12. This program will cater to the needs of your gymnasts with its unique structure.


  • GymHeros is our boy ages 6 and up program. As boys gymnastics uses different apparatuses then girls gymnastics, your boy will need a class that can focus in on those events.


  • Our Teen program is designed for girls ages 12 and up. If you have a teen, you know that she does not want to be stuck in a class with "little kids", therefore, we have created a class just for her!


  • Tumbling is a program that focuses solely on the tumbling side of gymnastics. This is a great class for young athletes who are not interested in learn Bars, Beam, or Vault, but simply want to learn how to tumble. This is also a great class for cheerleaders and dancers who need to learn new skills for their sport.

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