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Here at Golden City we are constantly trying to help our gymnasts reach new heights and one way we are doing that is with our TOPs/Elite Program! We have only been competing in TOPs since 2013, but have had girls make the Diamond team, National TOPs testing, National TOPs camps, Developmental Invite Camps, and Developmental Team Camp!


TOPs/Elite Program

TOPs Strength

This TOPs class is offered to our GCG competition team members. The gymnasts in this TOPs will not compete for our TOPs team. It is simply to build their strength. 

Tiny TOPs

This is a special invitation class for girls between the ages of 4 & 5 who are geared towards our TOPs team. We train these girls to hopefully compete for our TOPs team one day.


Our TOPs team is a special invitation team. These girls train hard to compete for our TOPs team. The ages range from 6 to 10. 

*Girls on the TOPs team might not compete for the TOPs team* 


The elite world of gymnastics is an extremely hard arena to break into, but we are trying our best at GCG. Our elite hopefuls train with our TOPs team. Training with the TOPs team keeps them in peak physical condition. Our elite hopefuls train at least 25 hours per week. This elite team is invitational only.

*Girls on the elite team might not ever compete for the elite team*

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